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3rd ChapterEdit

Ema:Okay.Lets go everyone!

Sam:Hello!Ya ambulance please come quickly to School,we have an inqured student.

Somebody from ambulance:Ok we will come.

Sam take Mimi and out her on the sofa.

Mimi(in her head):What is this weird fealing I have?Why is he so nice to me?He is always quite.Whis is he .....?

Sam:Mimi dont worry! The ambulance will be here soon.

Mimi:O-o-okay Sam.                                                  


Mimi:Can I ask you something?

Sam:Okay ask me.

Mimi:Here is the question.....


The others came to the office.

Ema:Ehat do you mean?!

Princible:Mean what?

Mike:Dont act like you dont know!!

Ema:Why do we need to stop our club?!

Princible:Ah that...Your club is usles.So you need to stop it.

Mike:What do you mean?

Princible:You have no use to anbody.

Jessi:Wait a minute!Give us one week and we will prof that our club isnt usles.

Princible:Hahaha.Fine you have one week.

End of the 3rd Chapter...

4th Chapter:

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