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Last time Endou and some other members were having a fight with some other Raimon members and at the end they left.But Coach Hibiki aloud Aphrodi in Raimon but will Endou except him in the team?

Aphrodi:So Endou whats your problem,if coach says im in then im in!

Endou:Ok but you better make our team proud!

Gouenji:This shouldn't have happened *Whispers*.

Fudou:I don't know what to do,if Matsuno,Yamino,Kazemaru,Someoka,Kogure and Kageno left,then were useless *Whispers*.

  • Lighting bolt strikes*.

All Members: *Screams*.

Kidou:What just happened?

Demete:Its nice to see you ..... Aphrodi !

Aphrodi:Demete why are you here!

Demete:Im here for revenge!

Endou:What are you talking about?

Demete:Since Aphrodi left Zeus i am the new captain and since Aphrodi left we had revenge until you and your useless Raimon is defeated !

Hera:So we and Zeus challenge you and your useless Raimon to a Soccer Match !




Hera:If you don't then we will destroy your School!



Kidou:Its the only way for us to save our school !


Kidou:And this might make Matsuno and the others come back to the team!

Endou:Ok but this is for Them !

Hera:I hope you would come at the end

Demete:But if you lose then we'll still destroy your school!

To be continued....

Chapter 4 Running Very Late Until May 19th 2013.