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My name, Robynne Amelia Marine Carter. Born, Halloween, October 31st, 1998.

As a kid, my life was centered around the big, white wood-frame house at 1162 Cross Street that was my home. I lived there with my mom, Val/Valentine; my dad, Darren; my brother, Daniel; and my sister, Katie. Seven white wooden stairs led to the front door. A giant rubber plant stood inside the front hallway next to tall mahogany bookcases.

Next came  the living room with its green velvet chair and matching couch. The half-moon shaped radio with gold knobs sat on a round mahogany table. Great-grandma Carmen's clock and a copper horsethat belonged to Great-grandpa rested on the mantel over the fireplace.

The kitchen had a huge stove, a red chrome-trimmed breakfast table and chairs, bright yellow walls and a linoleum floor.

My room was a place for my stuffed animals to live and a home for my huge stuffed cat, the one mom made for me.

My twin brother, Daniel's bedroom was filled with strange trucks, rocks and a wooden train he and dad made. Daniel spend lots of time counting marbles and putting puzzles together.

When I turned 5yrs old, something terrible happened...

Valentine's death

My dad was murdured by being stabbed in the heart with a silver dagger(vampires are fathly alergic to silver), my mother was shot in the head  with a silver bullet,  Daniel lost his eyesight and my heart turned weak.
I will find the person who murdered my parents.
The battle is not over....