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German man (v.o): You almost had them? You almost had them?! If you almost had them, then how did three children escape?
British man (v.o): Now Vlad, calm down. You know it wasn’t Ren’s fault they escaped.
Guard (v.o): Yeah! How was I supposed to know the teenager was a dhampier?
German man (v.o): You could have read the files or used your powers idiot!
British man (v.o): Anyway I have a plan to end the dhampier race once and for all…

August 17th


When I woke up, i noticed Anya's body leaning against my side. She was still asleep, so I didn't move.

When I tried to stretch, my chest was revealed to be covered with bandages.

Finally Anya woke up and her crimson eyes opened. I had ice-blue eyes, Katie, hazel and Daniel green, with Anya crimson red. I have our mom's copper auburn hair, not the black hair dad passed on to Daniel and Katie.

Anya's crimson red eyes looked at me for a second before she spoke.

Anya: Robyn?

Her voice, soft and sad.

Robyn: Huh... Ow!

I turned my head and muscle protested on my chest.

Katie got up and made some tea.

Robyn: What happened last night?

I was scratching my cat ears.

Anya: That guard shot you.

She was eating a peanut butter sandwich.

Robyn: I know that... But how did we get into a hotel?

Katie looked at her tea, then me.

Katie: Well... Remember when you got shot?
Robyn: Yeah?
Katie: After we got off the boat...

FLASHBACK-August 16th9:36pm: Katie (v.o): You started coughing up blood, and then you fainted. We had to find a hospital so we called Patrice.

Patrice: WHAT?! Robyn got shot?!

Katie winced.

Katie: Hey... We need to know where the nearest hospital is.
Patrice: One is 30 miles.
Katie: I could get there in 6 minutes, but I can't carry Robyn and Anya.
Nick (v.o): Maybe I could help.

A teenage boy jumps off a fire escape and lands on his feet. Then he goes behind Katie, startling her.

Katie: Ahhh-

He quickly covers Katie's mouth and winces.

Nick (whispers): Shh... Do you want to wake up all of Vegas?
Katie: Who are you?
Nick: Nick Walker. At your service.

He sighed and turned to me and put his hand to my chest.

Nick: Why is Robi bleedin'?
Anya (timidly): How do you know onii-chan's name?
Katie: Some guard shot her.
Nick: What did the guy look like?
Katie: He had black curly hair and one blue eye and one yellow eye and a pig face.

Nick's eyes turn yellow for a second and he growled and mutters something in Latin.

Nick: How come I can smell silver in Robi?

He started sniffing me.

Katie: The guard had a silver gun. We have to get her to a hospital, now-
Nick: Nah! She'll be fine.

Nick lifts me and puts me on his back gently.

Nick (cont.): We just need to remove the bullet.

Nick uses his sweater to cover the wound and me.

Nick (cont.): Well... Let’s go!

Nick scales the wall and jumps onto the roof.

Nick (cont.): Aren't you coming?

Katie's wings unfold and she starts to fly while carrying Anya.

While we were roof jumping, i purred and started rubbing my head on Nick. Nick held me tighter and grinned at me.


I looked around the room and noticed Nick wasn't there.

Robyn: Where's Nick?
Anya: He went to get food.