Vampire Elementals Ch.2
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December 16th, 2004

When I woke up, I was in a empty room in a hospital gown with bandages on my forehead, wrist and legs.

-Good morning child, how do you feel?
-I don't know.
-My name is Venus Valentina Diplomus

She started to put medicines on the wound and stich.

-Just like the planet and the goddess.

Venus started to rebandage them when a young woman with very long white hair and bright green-yellow eyes ran into the room with oatmeal.

-Hello little kitty!
-It's Robyn.

I started to eat the oatmeal.

-I'm Penisula Agnerson.

Sha laid some clothes on the bed and told me to put them on. I did. The shirt was white and frilly, the skirt with red-black plaid, the stockings were black and the boots were brown with black laces. They were nice. A lot better then my old stuff. I sat on the edge of the bed.

-You can go now, Robyn.
-Go? Go where?
-To the dining room.

After I ate, I went down the hall to a playroom. I pushed open a screen door and stepped out into the cold winter morning sun. It was so beautiful that I closed my eyes and twirled 'round.


I opened my eyes and saw a boy the same age as me standing across from me.

-I'm Daniel.

He was tall-ish and thin. His hair's  jet black. His eyes were green with no pupils.

-I'm Robyn.
-Hi! I'm  Kathlyn Miyuki!

She was short and skinny. Her hair was the same clor as Daniel's. Her eyes were honey-brown.

-Hey! Watch this!

I grab some snow and it turns into a arrow and bow. Then I get a rock and throw it in the air. I readyed my arrow and shot it at the rock. The arrow sliced the rock in two!

-Hey China Girl. Vanilla.

There are three boys standing around Daniel, Katie and me.

-Oh hello, Reginald.

Daniel said in a rude, sarcastic manner.

-Shut up!

The boy who spoke was bigger and older then us. He had blakc curly hair and yellow eyes.

-Where's my money?

Daniel takes out $10 and gives it to Reginald. One of Reginald's croonies snatched it from Daniel.

-And you?

Reginald points to Katie.

Katie takes out five quarters and hands it to Reginald.

-What the-What the heck is this?! Do you think I'm stupid?!

Reginald grabs Katie's scarf, dangling her three feet off the ground, strangling her.

-What did you say punk?

Daniel swung hard as hard as he could at Reg's head. He fell to the ground with a bloody nose.

Reg's croonie hit him so hard and fast that his nose started squirting blood.

-Leave them alone!

I throw a huge chunk of ice at them. Reg's other croonie punched me in the stomach so hard, that I spit up blood. I felt my eyes growing slit and my teeth growing sharp and long.

I bit Reg's croonie's arm so hard that I felt the skin peel off.

All I could hear was his veins pulsing faster and faster. It felt amazing.

I ran to Reg with lightning speed and elbowed him in the back, then I punched him in the stomach and face.

Just then, everything went black.

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