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Vampire Elementals Ch.1
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Author Robyncarter123
Illustrator Unknown
Published on Unknown
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N/A Vampire Elementals Ch.2
December 15,2004

I was running- running from someone that would kill me if I stop. I get to a gate and I climb it when a man grabbed my ankle and pulled me down hard.

I fell and hit my back- hard. The man grabbed my arm, and bit into my wrist. Scarlet red was everywhere as the man was eating my flesh.

Somehow, even though I was at the brink of death, with all the strength I had left, I punched the man square in the nose with my good arm then I bit his hand hard enough to taste his strangely sweet blood.

While he was screaming in pain, I jumped over the gate and ran. I fell down a snowy rocky path. I was rolling down a path of sharp rocks which resulted in shreeded legs and arms.

My forehead struck a sharp rock and gushes of blood shot from there. Scarlet stained the snow. I fell asleep.

I was sleeping until I was awakened by someone trying to move me. The sharp pain shot across my back as a part of my spine was pushed into me. I screamed.

-Shhh, sweetie. Poor girl. You'll be alright.

The women and the nurse in green clothes lifted me on a blanket or somethin'. They carried me from the woods. When I looked at the woman, she was dressed in a white coat with long, wavy cpper brown hair and ice-blue eyes like me.

I was taken to a room and placed on a soft bed, but it didn't matter. The bones still worked their way deeper into me, and I cried. The nurse put a mask on me while "adult me" sat next to me and gently held my hand. The nurse began to cut away my clothes with scissors. Sleep closed over me like the dark forest.