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Its okay Diablomax (talk) 11:25, April 12, 2013 (UTC)

Can you?[]

Pigly can you change my font at the Register place.I dont know how to do it.I think I will mess something up if I do something

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Well can you see the fong of the letters where it says:Utlimate story wiki I want something like that xDD

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Re:Anime Related Sories[]

Yeah nice idea.We can make it,but if/when we have a lot of stories people wont know abaout what anime story is.But we can always put the name of anime and then stories related to it on that page

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Why do you think you are not good for admin?

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Well do you still think that?

You are not good admin you are an great admin.Trust me

Yeah you are ^^.Tnx but I dont think so about my self

You think good.And sorry cus I dont leave signature xDD.But you know

But mine doesnt work lol

Lets try it

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