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Its been weeks and we still didnt find the book. i truly wonder where it is but i know who stole the book..Nagisa-San, she is a person who will still things to have something she wants. i need to think of a plan but..

Aiko: Toshiyuki, Toshiyuki, you cant daydream right now!!

Toshiyuki: *Wakes up from his big daydream* Eh?? Oh sorry i was just thinking.

Aiko: I know where the book is!

Toshiyuki: *His eyes widen when she said it* R-Really where??

Aiko: *Sighs* the only thing i know that it is somewhere far away..in the mansion on Nagisa's grandparents..

Toshiyuki: wha?? but that is somewhere in Kyoto and we are...here in Tokyo...

Aiko: what can we do?? i mean its too far..

Toshiyuki: dont worry...it doesnt matter anymore..

Aiko: Toshi--

~After school~

Aiko: *Walking home and notices someone familiar and walks to him* Isao-San!

Isao: *Looks to her* Hmm? oh hey Aiko ^^ how ar-

Aiko: can you bring me and Toshiyuki too Kyoto?!?!

Isao: Eh?! why???

Aiko: well there is this certain girl who stole an important book and she hid it somewhere in her grandparents mansion in kyoto!!

Isao: uhm..but what about the others? cant they drive you?

Aiko: uhm well...its important for you too!!

Isao: *Eyes widen again* f-for me too?

Aiko: yeah maybe you will find some clue's about your killer. ^^

Isao: *He shrugged and thinked for a while* fine i'll do it but if we get in trouble i will tell the truth. >,>

Aiko: okay okaaay.~

~Next day after school~

Aiko: Isao this is Toshiyuki, Toshiyuki Isao ^^

Isao: Yo~

Toshiyuki: Hey

Haruhi: *Mumbles and notices them and runs to them* what the hell are you thinking you are doing?!?!

Aiko: oh we are going on a adventure!!

Haruhi: what?! then i'll go with you guys..

Isao: *glares slightly at Haruhi* you may know her longer but you dont understand her it may be better then you stay here

Harugi: *Glares back* oh yeah? and if i may can understand her ya know?? 

Isao: you dont need to she already has someone to unders--

Haruhi: i need to protect her...

Isao: Tch...whatever >,> go in the car

Haruhi: i am going already *Sits in the back seat with aiko*

~By the Mansion~

The Mansion of Nagisa's Grandparents

Isao: okay we are here now get out of my car!

Haruhi: i was planning that!!

Isao: Tch >.>

Aiko: Toshiyuki and i'll go that way both of you go search down here seeya!

Toshiyuki: w-wai--*Gets pulled with aiko*

Haruhi: Great now i,m stuck with you >,>

Isao: looks like we both have one thing in common..

Haruhi: yeah >,>

Isao: lets go..*Walks forward*

Toshiyuki: say...why did you did this?

Aiko: because i care about you...and i dont like Nagisa >,> anyways lets search for a library! ^^

Toshiyuki: yeah...hnn?

Aiko: is there something you found?

Toshiyuki *points* Library..that way

Aiko:how do y-

Toshiyuki: Look there *Points at a direction board* lets go now! *Grabs Aiko's arm and walks in*

Isao: Ah there's a computer...i hope they dont mind that someone is going to research it ^^

Haruhi: Pff what do you think? ofcourse they dont like it

Isao: like i would care about them *searches stuff in and eyes widen* w-what how where when?!!

Haruhi: whats wrong??

Isao: i found something about a murder case of a young boy....

Haruhi: so?? who cares about it? it was probably ages ago!!

Isao: Th how can you say that?? you didnt even know what happened, by the way its about my murder case..Aiko was right..that i may would find about it..everyone believed me except you huh? you are a sad person...*Looks down*

Haruhi:...i,m...sorry i didnt know that...oh and sorry about being a jerk i just wanted to protect Aiko...

Isao: oh no its fine i didnt told you after all!



Who is that person? find out next chapter. Stay Tuned ;)