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I wonder why he had that book with him, i mean i know his story but i,m still interested in why he is interested in this kind of stuff maybe i should look for Isao-San to tell it to him about Toshiyuki-Kun..

Toshiyuki: *Reading* Oi Oi dont think too deep.

Aiko: Eh what do you mean??

Toshiyuki: You know what i mean, when you think to deep you may not come out of your thoughts.

Aiko: Ah actually i didnt knew that. ^^"

Toshiyuki: *Looks up from his book* You should've learned it...

Aiko: What? I was 3 years dead! How can i remember that?

Toshiyuki: You're right...You need to learn better for next time.

Aiko: But i hate studying.

Toshiyuki: You have Haruhi-San and his mother right? Then why not asking help from them..

Aiko: Wait how do you know Haruhi-Kun's name?

Toshiyuki: I read much in the library i once saw a book of old students and i saw Haruhi-San in it... Thats why.

Aiko: That doesnt make any sense.

Toshiyuki: What does it matter? Just ask one of them. *Looks in his book again* Ah is it true that when you die again you can ask everytime to revive?

Aiko: *Shrugs* I dont know never tried and never gonna try it.

Toshiyuki: You really think i am like that... Dont be like that, there is no way i could do that.

Aiko: Eh...You sure are a gentlemen, do you...Do you have any fangirls?

Toshiyuki: Yes i have. Its quite annoying they always ask me for help. And i think they are jealous now too.

Aiko: Heh why do you think??

Toshiyuki: They are jealous because of you.. You are sitting next to me, while they want to be here.

Aiko: And... You dont lke people hanging around you?

Toshiyuki: Well sorta..*Closes his books and smiles at her* But i want to hang out with you! ^^

Aiko: Eh...*Nods and smiles too* Yeah!

???: Why are they so close...???

Aiko wondering if she heard something

Aiko: Eh did i hear something?? *Looks around*

???: *Puts hand for her mouth* Shhh senpai not so loud they can here us maybe..

Toshiyuki: Nagisa-San, Mori-San please come out i know you two are there.

Nagisa: Ah sorry about that Toshiyuki-Sama~ W-We didnt mean to interupt you two. ^^

Toshiyuki: *Cold voice and stare* Really?

Mori: H-Hai we are very sorry Toshiyuki-Senpai! *Bows*

Nagisa: Now mori please bow for me too..*Thinks*"I will steal that book of Toshiyuki-Sama"

Mori: E-Eh?? Why??

Nagisa: *Looks at her with "I got a plan" face* Do it.

Mori: H-Hai *Bows much* Sorry sorry sorry sorry.

Nagisa: *Slowly grabs the book and steals it succesfull* Well thats enough Mori-Chan. ^^"

Mori: *Stops a bit dizzy* H-Hai... *Walks away with Nagisa*

Aiko: What was that??

Toshiyuki: I really have no idea...

*Somewhere in the school*

Nagisa: We have his book!! Hahaha.

Mori: It sure was a good idea Nagisa-Senpai!


I hope you enjoyed it :3 Stay Tuned ;)