I,m going to school again...It sure took a long time its been 3 years... Though I am so happy that I can meet new people and make friends I sure cant wait, but I actaully wanted to be in haruhi's class again. I still dont know if he believes me or not. But that doesnt matter now from now on...I will have a new life!

Aiko: *Walks in the class for the first time and smiles a bit*... I am Aiko *bows a bit* I hope we can be friends.

All boys from the class: Cute~ Nice to meet you too, You can be my friend!

All girls from the class: Hmpff I dont like her.

Teacher: Now, now everyone Stay quiet everyone.. Aiko-San you can sit next to Toshiyuki.

Aiko: *Nods and sits next to him after the teacher pointed at him*.

Toshiyuki: *Reads in his book concentrated*

Aiko: *Looks at him for a while and then reads too*

After class.

Toshiyuki: *Grabs his back and walks outside and sits on a bench once there he continue's reading his book*

Aiko: *Walks to him* Uhm...Can i sit here?

Toshiyuki: Sure i dont mind..*He says it without looking to her*

Aiko: You sure like reading dont you..?

Toshiyuki: I dont read that much home...My dad wants me to become a soccer player but i dont like sports at all though i am good at sports, i want to do something really different

Aiko: Ah..What kind of book is that?

Toshiyuki: Its about the life and dead...They say in this book that you can revive if you want...I believe in it..You probably think i am stupid

Aiko: Actually i believe in it too ^^ After all..I got revived 3 years ago after i died.

Toshiyuki: *Looks up  to her a bit suprised* Really you are one of them? Thats cool, but there is changed much

Aiko: *Nods* Yeah i know thats why i,m gonna try my best to follow my dreams.. *Smiles*

Toshiyuki: *Smiles a bit too and reads his book again* You sure are interesting do you want to hang out sometime? Just as friends?

Aiko: Sure! *Smiles even more*...*Grabs his book* You need to stop reading!

Toshiyuki: Eh! *Wants to grab his book but looks at her and blushes slightly* ...
Anime Boy 58


Aiko: *Smiles bright* ^^

Toshiyuki: *Still blushing slightly and shrugs* Ehheh~

Aiko: *Gives it back* Here ^^

Toshiyuki: *Looks surprised* eh..? *Takes it and puts it in his bag* Thanks..Aiko-San

Aiko: Just Aiko is fine ^^

Toshiyuki: E-Eh if you say so i will then ^^

Aiko: Great!


Daww How cute he blushed i really like this write this <3 Stay Tuned ;)

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