Its been 2 weeks since i met Isao-San... He was so nice... I wonder what his age his..He made a plan to find the murderer who killed him...By studying to be a police man..I dont know what i want to do, i need a plan but..Haruhi-Kun probably wont help me so i am alone,i wonder what Isao-San is doing now...Is he studying...I want to know where he is so he can help me!!

Haruhi: *Looks at her a bit annoyed* Whats wrong with you?

Aiko: N-None of your buisness

Haruhi: Yeah sure... Well i,m gonna do homework...*Walks upstairs*

Aiko: *Sits bored on the dinner table* So bored 

Haruhi's Mom: Why not visit your mom?

Aiko:...Yeah my mom still doesnt know it...But would she believe me?? Probably not i mean you know how she is.

Haruhi's Mom: You're right...Then go outside and take a walk! ^^

Aiko: *Nods* Ok. *She walks outside and enjoys the beautiful flowers around her*

Isao: *Is studying in a big book and hears a scream* Is that..Mom? *He walks downstairs and see's his mom scared because of a spider* M-Mom dont tell me you are scared of spiders

Isao's Mom: o-of course  i am!!

Aiko: *She goes in somewhere and trips* uwooooh *She goes sitting* ow my knee...

Aiko thinking what to do

Isao: okaaaay so you can kill it by yourself?

Isao's Mom: W-What?? why would i kill it??? i mean its an animal...

Aiko: What can i do i,m all alone...*She see's a stick and grabs it she tries to break it but it doesnt work* I can use this to go up again! *She puts the stick deep in the dirt and pulls her up it works and continues till she is up again*

Isao: Fine..I will put it outside...*He grabs something to put the spider and throws the spider out the house and walks in again* Better?

Isao's Mom: Yeah, Now you better start study again.

Aiko: F-Finally i-i made it...*Stands up* I guess i will go home for now.. *Sighs and walks to Haruhi's house again*


And did you thought the story was about a plan to turn her live back to normal? oh well it didnt maybe next time? oh and something else, in the next chapter there will be someone else in!  Stay Tuned ;)

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