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Wow...I never knew I would tell my story to someone but I guess I will now, He looked at her worried and thought "can she have the kinds of my story? Or will she just be scared, even if its not scary it is a horrible storyIsao sighs and looks at Aiko again...

Isao: It all started 12 years ago...It was winter I was..7 years old and played outside in the snow my mother warned me because there was a man who was a child murderer, I didnt believe it because my mother was always overprotective so i ignored her warning.

Aiko: And? What happened next??

Isao: It started snowing harder... I wanted to go home but i was to little to walk back.

Aiko: Eh...What do you mean??

Isao: Well... There was a big snowfall, i walked through street not knowing where i was going, and then it happened. It was so cruel the man's face it looked like it was burned or something he was wearing a black cape and a hat. You could see his smirk on his face then he grabbed something from behind i was scared that i didnt know what to do my mother was worried so searched for me...

Aiko: Was it him??

Isao: *Smiles a bit* Can you give me the time?

Aiko: *Sweatdrops* Oh yes sorry continue please *Listens to him interested*

Isao: *Continues his story* My mother couldnt find me so she came to the police the police said they will search over town.

Aiko: *Gulps a bit*

Isao: *He looks up the sky his smile disappeared and turned into a sad face* The next day...The police found me dead in a corner of a street where somewhat no one lived...When my mom heard it she cried her eyes out... And thats how my story ends..

Isao's mom when hearing her little boy is found... dead

Aiko: That man...Is so cruel i wonder why he did that kind of thing...*Looks down* I hope everything is alright now.

Isao: Dont worry *puts his hand on her shoulder* 2 years later everything turned fine and i,m now studying to become a police and to get that men back..Without hurting him...

Haruhi: *Searches everywhere and comes near the bench where Aiko and Isao: Aik- who are you?!?!

Isao: *Looks up and see's Haruhi angry* Oh you know this Lil lady?

Aiko: HARUHI-KUN!!! *Cries and hugs him* I,m sorry for running away!

Haruhi: ....*Puts his left hand on her head and his other hand on her back dont worry* Its fine... But who is he?

Isao: Oh i am Isao so it looks like you are Haruhi huh? ^^ *He stands up and does his hair good* Be nice to Aiko-San okay? *He smiles a bit puts his hands in his pockets and walks away*

Aiko: *Smiles at Haruhi* Hehe i wasnt the only one Isao-San is the same as me! ^^ And everything turned normal for him. I,m so happy.. ^^


I hope you liked this one as well when you have the good music by this story its pretty dramatic. Poor Isao-Kun but i am happy everything turned back to normal i wonder if it will turn good for Aiko too Byee. Stay Tuned ;)