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She told me to come, i came but she wasnt there i wonder what wrong was. What? You really think i would are about her? Hah you must be kidding me, i dont like her she is an annoying brat, why did i even come here? She never will come, she only wants to joke, eh why do i hear a voice? Is it Aiko's voice?? it must be my imagination i miss her that much? Wow i cant believe it...Maybe Aiko..is revived...i cant believe i didnt believe her...

Haruhi: *Turns around and see's Aiko standing infront of him* So... You used your "real" voice to proof it?

Aiko: *She holds her hands behind her back saying nothing looks confident and nods*

Haruhi:... I,m sorry Aiko i just really didnt believe it and  i- *He stops talking when he see's her crying* ....

Aiko: *Rubs her eye to stop crying* I-Its fine.. I-I shouldnt act like that...

Haruhi: N-No its fine!! *Wants to walks to her but stops walking when she runs away*....A-Aiko..

Aiko: *Runs away from the house and sits on a bench next to the woods* Why did i run away..?

A guy walks at her and stops in front of her.

???: Why do you look so sad Lil Girl?


Aiko: D-Dont call me l-little! *She says it with a stottering voice of crying*

???: So you are saying you are big??

Aiko: I was ment to be 16 now!! but after that accident my life changed..

???: What do you mean with that?

Aiko: I mean i died yesterday 3 years ago by a car accident... You probably think i,m crazy...

???: What is your name?

Aiko: Eh why?? But my name is Aiko...A-And you?

???: My name is Isao i am just like you so...Dont worry.

Aiko: Isao...Y-You really are?

Isao: Yeah..^^ I am so you can talk to me about it...

Aiko: Then...How long are you alive again?

Isao: Hmmm like 10 years or something but i remember it still like it was yesterday.

Aiko: Can i hear the story???

Isao: *Looks at her surprised*...Sure...


This was the 3 chapter of The start of a new life i sooooo wanna know Isao-Kun's story >w< Stay Tuned ;)