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It happened a few days ago on the day she died...I was by her grave with her parents and got angry at them i walked away kicked a rock and i saw a girl behind the bushes with medium long pink hair... She knew me, but i didnt know here she was a little girl and i've never seen her before.. She even called me with a "-Kun" I cant believe it...Because now...She is sitting right next to me!!

Haruhi: Mom?? Why is she with us?? >,>

Haruhi's Mom: She is a friend of you! We couldnt let her stay there alone in the cold.

Haruhi: I dont know her she followed me whem i came back!!

Little Girl: U-Uhm...? You dont remember me...?

Haruhi: We never had met before!! 

Little Girl: We did! Remember...Its me..Aiko...*Looks outside* I guess you didnt care enough for me to remember my hair..>3>



Haruhi's Dad: What do you mean with Aiko?

Aiko: I-I mean after the accident...My dad came to me.. I asked what happened and he told me the story..And then i said i want to be alive again so he explained about the reviving, and thats how i turned like this.

Haruhi: Whatever i dont believe you

Haruhi's Mom: Well she looks like our Aiko..When she was 12..

Aiko: That because i am 12!! >3<

Haruhi:...I still dont believe you.. Proof it!

Aiko: How can i proof it then? Its hard to proof it you know?

Haruhi: I dont care...Just proof it somehow..

Aiko:.....Fine then!! I will prove it someday!

Haruhi: Whatever..Oh and dont talk to me until you have it okay?

Aiko: Fine >,> *Looks out the window again and mumbles* Baka..

Haruhi: *Looks out his window and mumbles back* Who are you calling a baka? You are the baka here.

Haruhi's Mom: We are home...Oh and Aiko? Please act like you are home ^^

Aiko: Sure~ ^^


Yayy the second part is done hope you liked it too and i hope its better then the first part. Stay Tuned ;)