...Its been 3 years after the accident much has changed..Except my feelings everytime i think about her..I Just..Want to cry..Though i just cant. I wonder where she is now, does she still think about me? Is she here next to me..Or is she with someone else? Nobody knows except her. But..I think she is happy she always wanted to be with her dad who passed away 10 years ago..'T'he boy wakes up and looks outside he see's snow everywhere. Huh?! Where are we?? Why am i in the car...Mom, dad?... The boys name was Haruhi Kaoru he had short brown hair and beautiful purple eyes and he was pretty tall his age was 16 now the real story will begin~
Anime Boy 56


Haruhi's Mom: Heh? You dont remember it? Today we are going to the grave..

Haruhi: OF COURSE I KNEW IT I,M NOT A FOOL!! *Realises he was yelling and shrugs* Sorry mom..I didnt mean to do that.

Haruhi's Mom: Dont worry darling, after all it was hard to get over it...

Haruhi's Dad: We are almost here...If you want you still can sleep a bit..

Haruhi: *Thinks: "Mom is right...It was hard...For her and dad but i,m still not over it..."*

After much minutes they stop and walks to the uknown person's grave.

Haruhi:....*Looks at the grave* It..Didnt change at all..

Haruhi's Mom: I wonder if her mother came here today..

Haruhi's Dad: *Nods* Yeah but i think she wasnt we only came here because we where lucky with the weather.

Haruhi: Eh...I just know her mom was to weak to come >,> *Walks away far away from his parents*

Haruhi's Dad: Did i say something wrong?

Haruhi's Mom: Mhm-Hmm?? *Shrugs*

Haruhi: *Kicks rock and hears something* D-Did i hit someone? *Goes to the sound and see's a little girl with long pink hair and a pale skin* O-Oi... Are you hurt somewhere??

The Little girl:..... *Opens her eyes see's him and hugs him* 

Haruhi: E-Eh?!?! W-Who are you??

The Little Girl: I-I missed you... You've grown much... Haruhi-Kun

~The End~

So this was the start of the first part of this story, it is maybe a bit bad but i dont mind~ ^^ Stay Tuned ;)

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