Endou:Where is Gouenji?! I swear he is always late.

Makoto: Dont talk about Gouenji-san about that!

Endou: You are like him.But the good thing is that you are not late.

Makoto: Gouenji-san will be here.
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Endou: Yeah,bu-....

Gouenji: *comes in* Whoho sorry I am la-

Endou: You are late! AGAIN!

Gouenji: Yeah I know

Endou: Ah I am used to it.....

Tenma: Ha ha ha your coach is always late Makoto.

Makoto: You want me to hit you?

Tenma: Nooo.That isnt what I mean.

Gouenji:Lets go!



Endou:To walk.


Makoto:*facepalm*Ahh.They are best friends,so we are going for a walk!

Tenma:Oh `kay!

They all came to the park.

Endou:It is very nice.


Makoto:*lies on the ground and watches clouds*

Tenma:*gets in his face*.What are you doing?

Makoto:I am sky diving! I am looking at the sky, what do you think I am doing?!!


Makoto:Fine! Tenma I am- *clouds become dark there is mist everywhere*


Endou:Who are you?

Someone:You dont need to know yet. Why hurry?

Someone else: You know us. But you will have to play 2 maches.

Someone: Team 1 is playing aginst Endou's team,and team 2 aginst you Gouenji!

Gouenji:What the hell-

*all goes back to normal* 

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