Mimi is at a hospital.Her friends are looking for her.Jessi saw someone.What will happen??!Lets find out!

Jessi:Let go of my hand!

Someone:Not gonna happen!Lets have some fun....*wicked smile*

Jessi:*almoust about to cry*

Eric:Let her go!

Someone:What will you do about it?ha? *laughs*
Anime Guy 2

Eric:This *punches him in a face*

Jessi:*looking at him* Who are you?

Eric:My name is Eric.Nice to meet you!What is yours?

Jessi:It is Jessi:Thank you!!!

Eric:Your welcome.

Someone:Ahh!!You little punk!

Eric:You want more?

Someone:*has blookd all over his face* NO!!! *starts to run and faints*

Eric:I think we need to get him to a hospital


Erick and Jessi:*go to the  first hospital*

Jessi:*sees Mimi in a bed* Mimi!!! *Starts runing*

Erick:Here we go.Faling down...*falls down on ground with someone `cus Jessi isnt holding him anymore*

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