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Previously in chapter three :- Wolf told Leo and his friends that the gang is planning to make a battle between Leo and his friends and the gang. So what will happen??

While Leo and his friends are getting ready for the battle.
Max: Wait, how we will fight them with no weapons??
Leo: OMG, I forget about that. ><
Max: Maybe we should ask the scientist about that.
Leo: Ya, good idea. He may help us.

And like this, Leo and his friends decided to visit the scientist. And there, they told the scientist about every thing.

Sparkz: OMG, thats look bad.
Leo: Thats why we visit you, cuz we need help. We have no weapons to fight the gang. ><
Sparkz: Its ok, I have some weapons you can use them in your battle. But you will need to train how to use them.
Leo: Really?! Sounds great.
Sparkz: Follow me.

Sparkz takes Leo and his friends to his lab and stand in front of a huge door. Then he open it. it was a room where Sparkz hide some of his dangerous inventions, and there:

- Leo: WOW, what is this room??
Sparkz: In this room, I hided all of my dangerous inventions and in this room, you will find the weapons.
Leo: Let me see them hurry.
Sparkz: *laugh* Calm down Leo, you will see them.

They enter the room and the scientist take them to the place where he put the weapons.

Leo: What is this box? Wait, is it the weapons box?
Sparkz: Ya, here you will find the weapons that you need to use them in the battle. Choose a good weapon. So it will be easy to use for you.

Leo and his friends start choosing their weapons but Darku didnt.

Sparkz: Darku, why dont you choose your weapon too?
Darku: I am vampire, i dont need any weapon.
Sparkz: Even if you are vampire but you will need a weapon so go and choose.
Darku: Ok, thanks.

And like this, everyone choose his weapon.Leo choose sword, Max choose bow and arrows, shadow choose rifle, Julian choose TNT cannons and Darku choose grenades. and now, they only need to train how to use their weapons.

Leo: I like my weapon.
Sparkz: And now, you just need to train on them. I have a good room to train there.

Leo and his friends thank the scientist and start trainning on how to use their weapons to use them in the battle. And here, this chapter have end. What will happen in the next chapter??