When i was young i always came to my grandmother to play there. Every friday after school my grandmother picked me up and walked to her house, luckily for us school was close to her house so we never had to walk long. Once my grandmother said that we would look through the basement. After hours cleaning i found something. It was a girl with a hat, the girl had curly dirty blonde hair and green eyes i asked grandmother who it was and my grandmother smiled. She said; "Its me dear..Before the war started." I asked where it was and she said it was in Paris when she was on summer vacation there. I asked if she knew more but she sighed and said; "Sorry dear..I can't really remember it but, one thing is true..It was magical~" She said with a bright smile on her face which made me smile bright too. Now 20 years later it is 15 years that grandmother died, right now i'm in the car riding to her grave with flowers and something special i found in her basement.. After some minutes ridding to the grave yard i parked my car and grabbed the things and walked too her grave. I sat on my knee's looking at the stone and put the flowers on the grave..Then i putted a picture on it with a little frame around and the hat she was wearing in Paris. And yes it is the picture of her with the hat in Paris just befire the war started i looked up in the sky and the sun came. I smiled and shed a small tear. Now i know, how much i really love my grandmother.

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