It started like any other day. Lena "lucky" Daniels walked to school with her friends Josh (the only boy in the group of friends) Sky (Lena's best friend since they were little) the twins, Amber and Lunar (the youngest members in the group) and Skppier (a very laid-back tomboy who moved schools in the middle of the year). "Eh?! The homework was for today?!" Yelled Skppier.

"That's right Skippe!" said the twins, at the same time.

"Don't you dare call me that again!" snapped Skipper.

Lena sighs, "here we go.. Again.."

Josh sweatdrops "yep..."

"Will you three pack it in?!" screamed Sky, looking look like she's about to kill someone.

"H-Hai!"  Skipper, Lunar, Amber wimped and began to shake at the sight of Sky, still looking like should will kill someone. "Trust her to scare them eh?" Laughed Josh.

"Yeah!" Lena laughed.

"It-It's not funny!! screamed Skipper, Lunar and Amber.

"It kinda is" said Josh, still laughing. Sky sighs, walks to Josh, looks up at him (even though she is the smallest in the group, she can scare the hell out of anyone) and glares at him. "I-I get the picture! Don't hurt me!" Sky burst out laughing "ok, ok, I won't hurt you"

Lena sweatdrops "lets get going, we'll be late if we don't"

"Alright, lets go guys!" said Skipper happly. As they started walking, Lena noticed from the corner of her a eye, a page that looks to be out of a note book. She didn't know why, but she was being drawn to the note and went over to it. "Hey! What ya doing Lena?!" Shouted Amber from the path. "Everyone is ahead of us! Come on!"

"Ok, ok, I'm coming!" Shouted Lena, as she bent down to pick up the note. As she picked it up, writing suddeny appeard on it, "The Death Note" .

End of Chapter OneEdit

I hope you liked this one. I'll get the next one up as soon as I can. That's all for now! Please comment what you think.

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