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~The Club~


  • Sam
  • Jessi
  • Mike
  • Mimi
  • Ema

Meet characters:[]

In a school named "Esmet"...there is one room that only 5 people dare to come in.They all are in the same club.They always are having fun,adventure and romance.

Lets meet them:

The intelligent boy who is reading books.That is Sam. 

A beautiful girl who only cares about her look.She is Jessi.

A hot boy who is very mysterious.That is Mike.

Funny girl who is clumsy and lazy.Her name is Mimi

And the class and the club president Ema she is always ready for anything.

How do I imagen it:[]

1st chapter:[]

One rainy day in a big hurry Mimi camed to the club room and...


They all look at Mimi.

Ema:What is it?!

Mimi:We are in big trouble!!It is serious.

What is the trouble that Mimi is trying to tell?Will someone get hurt?What will happen next?....Find out later.

2nd chapter:[]

Sam:Huh......he started reading a book.

Jessi continued to put on nail polish

Mike got up and...

Mike:What is the trouble?

Mimi:It is horrible!!!(She cry a little)

Ema:What is?

Mimi:The principal says we need to stop being a club!!(She started crying more)

Jessis nail polish felt down on the floor, and Sam stop just for a second reading his book.

Ema and Mike:WHAT??!!

Mimi:It is true.

Jessi got up and...

Jessi:Lets go to ask him why!

All but Sam:Yea!Lets go.

They all start to run down stairs to office.They were in a big hurry.Then Mimi felt down stairs.


From the top of the stairs:

Sam:You go on!I will call the ambulance.


The End of 2nd chapter

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