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Lets see what happend in the last chapter:

Sam called the ambulance for Mimi. The others went to princebal and got a deal whit him.... Now...

Chapter 4:[]

Mimi:Here is the question...


Mimi:Why are you so nice to me?


Mimi:Why?!*gets up but then fals on the floor*

Sam:Mimi!Are you Okay?Dont overpush your self!

Mimi:*uncotionce*.She mumbels a little:Why?Why...

The ambulance came to the school.

Nurse:Come on hurry up!

Someone:Fine we are coming.

Mimi is going to a hospital.


The others got out of the office.

Ema:Wow,Jessi I have never seen you so fired up!

Mike:*hits Jessi on the back*That is right!

Jessi:Hehe I know I just,I just...

Ema:You what?

Jessi:I just dont know what whoud I do whithout you guys.

Mike:Ya it is really sweet but what about Mimi!??!!

Ema:Oh no we forgot!

End of the 4th capter