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Vala is a normal girl, who lives in Saskia, the village in a valley between two great mountains, with her mother and younger twin brother, Alvy. Her life is normal until one day she meets a boy named Xavier and her whole life is turned upside down...

Where she lives


Vala–girl (main)

Alvy–boy (twin brother)

Xavier-boy (vampire)

Lowell-boy (werewolf-pup)

Olivia-girl (shapeshifter)

Bradwr-boy (vampire)

Savannah-girl (witch)

Stacey-girl (healer)

Alison-girl (pixie)

Theresa-girl (dark angel)

Tini/Millie-girl (three-headed dog)

Elle-girl (princess/fighter)

James-boy (knight)

Ashleigh-girl (demon)

Steve-boy (evil/silly wizard)

Fred-boy (very smart frog)

Darcy-girl (turtlecorn)

Kaila-girl (narwarl)

Steph-girl (griffin)

Kiya-girl (baboon or cat)

More to come...soon...


Chapter One: Birthday Surprise (complete)

Chaper Two: The Attack of the Night Monster (complete)

Chapter Three: The Enchanted Forest (unfinished)

Chapter Four: Ruffuz Attackz (working on it...) hope it will be there soon

Chapter Five: The Wacky Witch and Helpful Healer

Chapter Six: Tini...Bad name for this...

Chapter Seven: A Loud-mouth Demon

Chapter Eight: Xavier's New Friends

Chapter Nine: The Wise, Old Griffin

Chapter Ten: The Strange Creatures of the Deep

Chapter Eleven: A Talking Frog!

Chapter Twelve: still thinking of it...

More coming soon, just a little busy