So Sorry for how late Inazuma Eleven Return of Zeus is,but now its Back in Progress!

Endou:Its on then!

Demete:Since theirs our Coach isn't around and no Referee,then its a we Can Cheat!

Gouenji:You can't its the Law!

Hera:It isn't to us!

Demete:Lets just get on with the match,i don't have time for this!

(The match)Edit

Gouenji:(Passes To Daimon)

Daimon:(Dribbles Straight)

Hera:Drill Tackle! (Tackles Daimon)


Hera:Yes! (Passes to Demete)

Demete:Infinity Burst! (Shoots)

Kabeyama:The Wall! (Struggles) (Fails)

Endou:Grrr Majin The.... (Fail)


Demete:Endou,next time try your best but if you don't then..get out!


Endou:Don't Worry i'll Save it!

Daimon:(passes To Gouenji)

Gouenji:Bakunetsu Storm!

Afuro:God Break!

Toramura:Tiger Drive!

Posei:Uh... (Scores!)

1-1 !

Demete:Afuro,soon you'l back down!


Demete:Hera,lets turn up The Max!


Demete:(Passes to Hera)


Toramaru:(Trys to Block)

Hera:(Kicks the Ball on Toramaru Face)

Gouenji:Heat Tackle! 

Hera:Sonic Pound! (Passes through Gouenji)



Demete:Gamma Break! (With Hera)

Afuro:Heaven's (Broken)

Kageyama:Uh.. (Gets Hitten)

Endou:(Sweatdrop) Bakunetsu Punch! (Struggles) (Fails)

2-1 !


Endou:(Looks at Hand)

Kidou:Your Hands Hurt,how can you Play now?

Endou:I still play,i need to do this!

Tsunami:Now theirs Your Spirit!

Demete:2-1...almost time until Your School is pieces of Rust!

To Be Continued...Edit

Thats all and I.E Return of Zeus will Be Daily Now so you'll be seeing it every day/Week!

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