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Summary :-[]

A scientist called Sparkz makes a wormhole to another dimension and something bad happens, the wormhole turns in to a black hole to suck  the all universe, Leo and his friends will have to save the universe. But an evil gang called The Death Star want their plan to work, which is the black hole. what will happen with Leo and his friends???

Characters :-[]

  • Leo (main)
  • Max (Leo's best friend)
  • Julian
  • Shadow
  • Darku (vampire)
  • Sparkz (the scientist)
  • The evil gang members :-
  1. Flash (the old leader who will die)
  2. Wolf (the new leader)
  3. Dalvin (the one who make the evil plan)
  4. Sharp
  5. Vamp
  6. Leon
  7. Breaker
  8. Demon
  9. Vlad
  10. Ryan
  11. Odin
  12. Jin
  13. Claws

Chapters :-[]