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'Previously in chapter two : -A' new member has joined Leo and his friends group. His name is Darku and he is a vampire. And about the gang, Flash got angry when he knew that Wolf's plan has failed.

Flash :- I wasn't know that they can stand in our plans, I have to be serious with them and I'll kill them.    Wolf, get ready for the battle.

Wolf :- Battle? What do u mean sir?

Flash :- We will make a battle, and in this battle, Leo and his friends will die. I need from u to get ready and dont forget to inform the gang members, so they will get ready too. This battle will write Leo and his friends end. HAHAHA.!!

Wolf :- Sure, I will.

After Leo and his freinds made a party for Darku, they sleep in Leo's house. while they were sleep, Leo heard sound from his door house so he wake up to go and see whats happen.

Leo :- Who is there?

Wolf show his self and smile.

Leo :- Wolf? What r u doing here? And how dare u come here after what u did with us?

Wolf :- Dont worry, I didnt come here to kill u. I came to tell u something.

Leo :- What is it?

Wolf :- The battle will start soon, so prepare ur self to die.  

Wolf laugh then disappear.

Leo :- OMG, what should i do now?

Max :- Whats wrong Leo? Is there anything bad happen?

Leo :- Ya. The gang will make a battle between them and us. We have to get ready as soon as we can or they will kill all of us.

Max :- Dont worry, we are already ready. We will win this battle.

Leo :- Yes, we will teach them a lesson.

And now, Leo and his friends know about the battle. The both are getting ready. How the battle will be? Which team will win? You will see that in the next chapter.