Raimon were in the middle of training for the upcoming tornament. Then Endou kantoku called everyone in and said minna we are going on a trip through Japan for
the next few weeks. Everyone was suprised because they wonder whats going to happen in the trip. Tenma and Tsurugi were like "I wonder if Endou kantoku will be show us the places he went to when he was our age when they fought the alien's." And Endou kantoku said "Thats right Tenma and Tsurugi this trip is going around those places i went to back in the days." Everyone was like "Yeah!!!" "I cant believe that the coach is going to show us all the schools that he visited" Aoyama said. Ichino then said "Of course Aoyama and besides they might be soccer matches that we might have to play aswell." So all of raimon were told that they had to be at the clubroom by 8 AM tomorrow. So everyone was dismissed and headed home to pack. Tenma was Syched about this trip that he couldnt quite sleep that night. The next morning everyone turned up at school except Kariya who was running late cause he had slept in and hiroto constantly shooked him to wake up. Hiroto was in a bad mood at Kariya so he said to Kariya you have to apologies to your coach now. Kariya sighed and said "Fine nii-san." Kariya goes up to Endou kantoku and says "Gomen no sai Endou kantoku for being late i slept in." Endou says "Its fine Kariya just go in the caravan now." Kariya heads into the caravan and sits next to Tsurugi who looks like he is in a bad mood. Hiroto says to Endou "watch him please because lately something has been up with that boy." Endou respond "Alright Hiroto i'll take care of him for you." "Thanks Endou." Hiroto replied and Endou heads for the bus. They then head torwards their first destination which is Hokkaido.
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