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My Best Friend Chapter 4- Part 2[]

Jenna: Dr-Drink?!

Tam: Yep *licks her lips*.

Jenna: *sees a gap between to vimpires and runs as fast as her legs can carry her through it*.

One Vimpire: Should we go after her?

Tam: Yes and drain her.

Vimpires: *Run after her*.

*Jenna runs through the streets, she can't go home, what if her parents are vimpires? She can't go to her friends are well, what if they are all vimpires? All Jenna can do is run* .

Jenna: *runs into the woods on the edge of town*. I have to lose them!

Vimpires: *are very close behind*

Jenna: The only way to lose them is to go to....

 *Jenna runs to an old bridge that is cover in vines, weeds and other plants. The bridge is over a very shallow and fast river named "The River Of Death"*

 Jenna: I'll be safe on the other side.

 *As she runs across the bridge, two vimpires appear and block her way. She turns around and two other vimpires block her way out. Jenna was trapped*

Jenna: *moves to one side of the bridge and puts her hand on the wall.*

*The bricks were her hand was, give way and because she was leaning on the wall, she fell too*

Jenna: *as she falls* All in all, Tam was my best friend...

*Plummets into to the water, hits her head off the river bed. She looks up through the water and sees Tam. She smiles*

 Jenna: *closes her eyes for the last time*

The End[]

Well, I'm not sure if you seen this coming if you did then well , I need to think of something better. Thats it for this story so I hoped you enjoyed it and I'll post new stories too.