Chapter 4: My Best Friend- Part 1Edit

*Jenna was shocked, what she thought was true, the persom was...*.

Jenna: Tam.... But why? Why haven't you been at school? Why have I only seen you at night since you met your new friends?

*Tam chuckled darkly. She lowerd her head slightly, her blavk hair covered her face and pale skin*

Tam: Think about it Jen.

Jenna: What do you mean?

Tam: What thing never comes out in sun light? Has pale skin and... *lifts her head up revealing fangs* fangs...?

Jenna: A vampire, but that's impossible!

Tam: Is it Jen?

Jenna: Yeah!

Tam: It's not impossible, we are very good at hiding it, ask Coco.

Jenna: Coco's one too?!

Tam: Yes.

Jenna: Oh my god.....

Tam: Anyone you know could be a vimpire, your parents, the old lady that lives at the end of this street, even your dog could be one.

Jenna: Anyone?

Tam: Yes.

Jenna: But why are you telling me now?

Tam: Because we need to drink...

End Of Part OneEdit

I split the last chapter up into two parts. Anyway, here's part one, hope you liked it.


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