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Chapter 3: It Was You![]

*It was Saturday morning and Jenna had just gotten up, the time was 11:19am*.

Jenna: *picks up her phone and sees the time*. Woah! I slept in!

*Her phone buzzes*.

Jenna: *checks her phone, theres a text*. It's from Tam.

*The text says: 'Hey Jen, sorry I haven't been at school for a bit, I was hanging with my other friends instead, I'll be back soon, because my mum is starting to think I've been plunking, so see ya soon.


Jenna: *growls*. They aren't Tam's friends! There just using her! Can't she see that?!

*Jenna hated Tam's other friends, because after Tam met them, she began to change, she wasn't showing up to school, she wasn't as nice and she started to dress in a different way*.

Jenna: Tam is my best friend, but I haven't seen her in a while. *gets out her bed, gets washed and dressed and goes to the park*.

*Jenna spends all day at the park, by the time she heads home, it is 11:20pm*

Jenna: Well, that was a fun day.

*Snow starts to fall and gets very cold*

Jenna: W-Why is it so cold all of a s-sudden? *she zips her jacket up and puts her hands in her pockets*

*Suddenly a group of people wearing long capes with a hoods covering their faces*.

Jenna: W-Who are you people?!

One person: Don't play dumb, you saw me last Sunday right?

Jenna: Eh?

Same person: the person on your back wall close to midnight, that ring a bell?

Jenna: Yeah, but I thought I saw.... "Her"....

Same person: *puts it's hood down and shows it's face*.

Jenna: So, it was you!

End of chapter 3[]

I know it's still not that good, but it will help with next and last chapter. Hope you enjoyed this chapter.