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Chapter 2: Where is she?[]

*It was Monday morning, the time was 10:35am, it was time for break,just like normal,Jenna was kept back from the rest of the class because she was getting into trouble by Mr Lay, her classes' English teacher*.

Jenna: *sighs as she walk out the class*.

*A girl with blue eyes and blonde hair waits for her*.

Jenna: Hey Coco.

Coco: Hey Jen.

*Coco and Jenna had been friend since they were little, and were still close friends*.

Jenna: *sighs*.

Coco: You got into trouble for not doing your homework again, right Jen?

Jenna: *sighs, again*. Yep...

Coco: You haven't done your homework six times! SIX TIMES!!!!

Jenna: Calm it Coco, it's fine.

Coco: *growls at her*.

Jenna: Down doggie.

Coco: Stop with the dog jokes please.

Jenna: Fine.

*Jenna suddeny remembers the night before, the remembers the figure*

Jenna: Coco, have you seen Tam today?

Coco: No, I haven't, she's maybe off sick or just plunking school.

Jenna: I guess you're right.

Coco: Anyway, she'll be back tomorrow, right?

Jenna: Yeah, I think.

Coco: Anyway, lets go to the dinning hall, I'm totally going to win against James at knots and crosses.

Janna: *laughs* That will be right.

*The days past, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thrusday and Friday, Tam had not been to school all week*

Jenna: *walks home from school and thinks: 'Why has been Tam been of school, when I went to her house her mum said she was fine, but why hasn't she been to school? Has something happened to her? Where is she?'*

End of chapter 2[]

Not much has happened yet but, it will get better in the chapters to come, hope you like it.