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This story is about a girl named Jenna and her best friend Tam. But in one week, there friendship will change because Tam isn't who she says she is.

Chapter 1: Was That-[]

*It all started one Sunday night, it seemed like any normal night, like normal Jenna was rushing to finish her homework, she checked the time, it was 12:06 am*

Jenna: Eh?! That time already! *she sighs*. I'm only half way through...

*Suddeny there was a flash of bright white light came through her bedroom window*

Jenna: W-What was that?

*Jenna walked over to her window. She looked out it. There was nothing.*

Jenna: That was a strange.

*Just as she was about to walk away, she saw something in the corner of her eye. It was a figure of a person, wearing a cape with a hood covering its face standing on the wall in her back garden. Jenna was a little scared at this point. The figure looked up at her, it put the hood down, it look back up at Jenna and grined. Jenna could not believe who she was seeing.*

Jenna: I-Is T-That.....?

*The figure puts the hood up and in a flash of light, it was gone. Jenna is left standing in shock, she falls to the floor*

Jenna: *cries* Please.... Please tell me that's not her! *cries harder* Was that even her? Was that-

End Of 1st Chapter[]