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Endou:Gouenji Remember all the great stuff we did ?

Gouenji:Yeah but best of all was when we beat Little Gigant!

Yamino:Hey Endou,hey Gouenji!

Endou:Hey Yamino!

Gouenji:So what brings you here?

Yamino:Guess what we got a new Raimon Member!

Endou: What ! *Shocked Face*

Gouenji:Whats his name ?

Yamino:Daimon Akayou

Endou:Daimon Akayou ?

Gouenji:Lets check him out and lets see if he has skills

Yamino:Oh he has skills he even did Maxium Fire!

Gouenji: What ! *Very Shocked*

Endou:He even copied Maxium Fire ?

Yamino:Yeah and now his our new 11 Forward

Endou:But...what happened to Someoka ?

Yamino:He resigned and joined a new team

Gouenji:Lets get quick and find this Daimon!

  • 10 Mins after*

Kazemaru:Endou,Gouenji there you are

Kageno:Have you seen this guy's skills he even did Maxium Fire

Yamino:Hey Daimon show us what you got!

Daimon:Sure hope your ready cause things will become Maxium! MAXIUM FIRE!!!

Endou:What ! God Catch!!! *Dosen't save goal*

Gouenji:What he beaten God Catch!

Kogure:He even was able to pass through Heavens Time!!

Endou:Did you just say Heavens Time?

To be Continued....

CHAPTER 4 Running Very Very Very Late