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There are you then searching for something or..Someone? Your black hair moved everywhere because of the wind. Your Green eyes searching and watching with a smirk on your face... Minutes flew away and you almost wanted to leave till you heard a sweet giggling. Your eyes widened and watched the girl slowly.

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A Week Later.

You where on the same spot like everytime you thought happily. "This time i'll meet her for sure!" Minutes passed away and you turned slightly annoyed. But then again when you wanted to leave again you heard her you looked forward. But you fell accidently on the ground, the girl you fell in love with turned around and her eyes widened when she saw you and runned to you and asked with her sweet voice "Are you alright??" You who stood up inmediantly looked away, you wanted to walk away but she grabbed you."Uhm...Dont walk away..I noticed you sometime ago and i wanted to as if...If you liked me..I-I know it sounds weird but--" you cutted her sentence off with a deep sigh and said while pulling your arm back "I do like you but...Who would love a monster like me?" You said with a cold tone, then you walked away. The girl was confused and yelled "Oh i forgot  the name is Mikaru!! And you??" But it was too late you runned away already..