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Ichinose Mikki, a normal high school girl that is in the second grade. Great grades everyone loves her, yes i am talking about an school idol. But this isnt a story like my others. The characters in my other stories dont have a secret like hers well actually, the Ichinose Clan are actually vampires. And then not those vampires in twilight!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~10 years ago~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Mikki-Chan papa and i have to tell you something." Miss Ichinose said to her 5 year old daughter with a weak smile. Mikki eyes shattered in the dark looking totally interesting in what they would say. "What is it mama?" Mikki said with a big smile, her mother looked at her and smiled with more stength and said; "Well as you can see you have long fangs..Do you know why?" She said with a weak smile again. Mr Ichinose's emotionless face started to have a frown at his clueless daughter and sighed. Mikki looked at him and smiled "Mikki...You are a vampire" Mikki's smile turned into a suprised face. "Mikki-Chan..It will be fine, trust me we wanted to tell you earlier bu--" Her dad interupted her "Akki, you have said enough to her. Its late you better can get some rest." Miss Ichinose her first name Akki nodded and walked inside their house with Mikki. "Mama?" Mikki asked her mother. "What is it Mikki-Chan?" "Since that i am a vampire...will i still be able to make friends?" Akki was slightly shocked at her and gave her a gentle smile. "Of course you will i still have human friends here." She said still smilling making Mikki smile and nod. "Well goodnight and sweet dreams Mikki!" Mikki smiled and nodded. "You too mama, i love you!" Akki smiled again putting the light of the room out and said "I love you too..Mikki-chan." and she walked away after she shove the wooden door close.


"Sorry but..I'm not interested in love.." Mikki walked back to her class leaving the boy sad alone...