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Fubuki hears Fei talking about Inazuma TM Caravan and decides something...

Fubuki: So there really is a time machine thing.... I think I can use it!

Fei: You said something?

Fubuki: Yes, I can use that time machine to save my family from the avalanche.

Fei: Avalanche? What avalanche?

Fubuki explains Fei and Wonderbot about his past.

Fei: I think we should save Fubuki-kun's family.

Wonderbot: NO! I won't allow that. History should not be changed!

Fubuki: But I would have been better with Atsuya.

Fei: I agree with Fubuki-kun, we should time travel to save his family.

Wonderbot: NO!!! I won't give the Caravan to you!

Fei: But Wandaba, Fubuki needs our help. We have to help him.

Wonderbot: Um........... Let me think! I'll tell you afterwards.

Wonderbot runs away.

Fei: Do not worry... Wandaba will comeback and he will allow us to go to that time.

Fubuki: I really wish I could save my family.

After an hour, Wonderbot comes back and allows Fubuki to go back in time with him and Fei.

Fei: I knew it, Wandaba, you cannot refuse me!

Fubuki: I think we should go now....

Wonderbot: NO!!!!! We'll go tomorrow..

The next day Fubuki leaves with Wonderbot and Fei.

To be written.....