Hi my name is Max and i have 2 sisters and 2 brothers and i LOVE TEAM ZERO from inazuma eleven go and later on i will send a link.

Founder and special jobsEdit

Im the founder of this wiki and since im the founder i have special jobs to give you like.............


Note:You can not get an admin job unless you have made over 20 ultimate stories and do try and help other peoples stories if they accidently spelt something or forget to put in cap's after full stops or when your describe someone and forgot the commas or any of your vocabulary.

Special membersEdit

They look also work for the wiki but go must plan new Special members or Admins in the meeting area where the founders and special members and sub leaders post something how will be a admin or a special members then how ever got the most vote's will become the admin or special become that once everyone one this wiki makes a nice comment on your stories.

Sub leaderEdit

this job is someone who has the admin and special member job then they get the sub leader which is a 2nd founder and when im not here on the wiki then you must go there but tell me when you are logging out then i will come here.

but for the mean time CY'A!

                      By Diablomax
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