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It is night.Everyone is at home.

Lejla:N-no.D-don`t leave me please don`t!!! *falls of the bed and wakes up* Auch,Why do I have this creepy dream every night? *goes back to bed*

Mike and Conie share the room

Mark:*talks in his sleep* Come on cookies Let me eat you *water somes out of his muth and he starts biteing the pillow*

Conie:*trows a pillow at him* Do you mind??!!Some people are trying to sleep

Mark:Oh another cookie.Dont worry I will eat you too *hugs the pillow*

Conie:Uggghh *turns to other side*

Yui is in her room

Yui:*goes to the kitchen to get something to eat*Hmm lets see what do we have....Nope I dont like that, cant eat that now,I dont want to eat that...Ahhh man isnt there anything I can  eat??*sees Ice-cream and hugs the box* Ice-cream Yeeey.*sits down on the chair and starts eating it* I love you ice-cream

Miley is in her room she cant sleep.

Miley:I know it will be again I just know it.*sees someone shadow at thro the window* I knew it It is all over again.Nooooo!!! *screams**her brother opens the door and turns on the light* 

He:What is it sister?

Miley:I saw it again.

He:Dont worry sis the same thing wont heappen  again.*stays with her all night*

In the morning

  • All of them came to school and saw each other at the gate*

Lejla:Guys I had that dream again!

Yui:Ahh you still heavent changed.You are dreaming that dream sence we were kids.

Lejla:I cant do anything about it.

Miley:Stop worring and you will see the dream will go away.

Conie:At least you dont have to share your room with someone who dreams cookies and eats pillows all night!

Mark:Hey Those arent pillows they are cookies.

Conie:Yeah right sure.......

Miley:I saw it again guys.

Yui:My stomach hurts so much from all of the ice-cream.Anyway what did you saw Miley?


Yui:Was this like that time you saw flying bears?

Miley:No it was reall!

Lejla:Miley you need to stop living in the past.

Miley:But I am scared guys.

Mark:Just to prove you that there isnt HIM anymore we will all sleep at your house on Sunday!

Miley:You will?


Conie:Better hide your pillows everyone.

Mark:What does that mean?

Conie:Nothing nothing *is sarcastick*

Miley:Okay guys I will be waiting you.

Yui:Sur now please someone take me to the nurse.

Lejla:Okay okay Yui.*takes her*

Nurse:Too much ice-cream again?