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Sakura: *Walking next to kaoru from the beach* Heh it was soooo fun!!

Kaoru: *Nods* Yeah it was indeed!

Sakura: But..It would be more fn if Kiara-Chan here was...

Kaoru: Well she said she was busy so...

Sakura: I know i know....*Looks down* But its vacation...

Kaoru: *Looks at her and smiles comfortly to her and grabs Sakura's hand* dont worry kay? ^^ I,m still here.

Kaoru: Everything will be fine. Sakura: yeah it will

Sakura: *Looks at her and smiles a bit too* Mhm-Hmmm you are right...I am not alone i still have you...

~They smile both and continues walking hand in hand. Meanwhile Angel~

Angel: *Walks in the park and notices Yuki and Kiara* What are they doing? *She walks to them and says* Oi what are you two doing?

Kiara: Ah Angel-San... We just wondered if the girl is around here

Angel: Hmm..You mean the girl with that doll huh?

Yuki: Yeah but..You wouldnt care anyways..

Angel: Actually i do..I searched for her the whole week but i couldnt find anything though..

Yuki: We have the same problem..Right Kiara?

Kiara: *Nods* Yeah.. It is indeed or problem..Can you help us finding her? ^^

Angel:...No one..Said that to me before...But sure i like to help out! ^^

Yuki: Sooo you have a idea where we can search for her?

Angel: Well...this isnt the place where she was...Follow me..*Walks away*

Kiara: *Walks after her*..

Yuki:....Should i trust her? *slowly walks with them*

Yeaaaah that was it for now.. I kinda had no idea to write so i didnt wrote a story like a week that called break ;D Stay Tuned ;)