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~The next day after school~

Yuki: *Looks at the sky while thinking*....Who was she??

Friend: What do ya mean with who?
Anime Boy 60

Yuki's Bestfriend Jirou

Yuki: Hmm? *Looks at Him* Oh Jirou.. Heya~ What is it?

Jirou: I could ask you...We would meet at the mall to hang out..Remember?

Yuki: Oh yeah...Hey is it okey if someone else is comming?

Jirou: Uhm sure i guess who is it??

Yuki: *Stands up* Oh her name is Kiara you know her bestfriend is your gf

Jirou: Oh i've heard about her, she seems very nice. But why?

Yuki: Ah its nothing its about what happened yesterday.

Jirou: Oh but sure, but do you know where she lives?

Yuki: Actually no..*Sweatdrops*

Jirou: Leave it to me *Winks and calls his gf*

???: Yeah what is it?? Huh where Kiara-Chan lives? Uhm...Sure i guess?

Jirou: Great! See you there~!

???: Yeah *Hangs up* Jeez i wonder why he asked about that, oh well *Walks downstairs and walks to the boys* I,m here so why am i hear?

Jirou: Yuki-Kun needs to know where she lives.

Yuki: Oh yeah its about what yesterday happened.

???: And what happened?

Yuki: Ah thats doesnt matter so now can you please show me her house???
Anime Girl 93

Jirou's Girlfriend and Kiara's Bestfriend in next chapter you will see her name

???: *Sighs and puts her hands in the middle* Fine~ Follow me! ^^

Yuki: Great! *Whispers to jirou* Thanks man! ^^

Jirou: No problem its because of my cute Gf we can go to her~

???: *Rolls eyes and smiles*

*Meanwhile by Kiara* 

Kiara: *Doing homework while thinking about the little girl* I wonder why she said mommy...That doll looked quite old like that one..*Looks right and there was a doll that looked like a mom*... Maybe her mom got cursed and turned into a doll? Naaah that cant...or..can it? *Looks in her book*

Angel: I cant believe i need to do the chores...Nee-San needs to do it..

???: We are here.. Well i,m going now see you two in school

Jirou: Oh yeah seeya! ^^

Yuki: Thanks for showing!

???: Yeah yeah *walks away*

Yuki: *Knocks on the door*

Kiara's Mom: Oh my and you two boys are?

Jirou: Ah i am the boyfriend of Kiara-San's bestfriend Jirou ^^ And this is my friend Yuki its nice to meet you miss

Kiara's Mom: Oh i see come in~ She is upstairs doing homework

Yuki and Jirou: Okay! ^^

This was Chapter for hope you liked it :3 Stay Tuned ;)

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