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I am just gonna start.

Kiara, Angel and Yuki: Teach?! Can we go there to look what it is?

Their teachers: Sure but be fast for your second class.

Kiara, Angel and Yuki: *Nods and runs outside once they are there they meet each other*.

Yuki: You two are from this morning!!

Kiara: Ah its Yuki-San and...

Angel: *Folds arms* .Angel its Angel and you are?

Kiara: Ah i am Kiara nic-.

Angel: Whatever~ Now first what is this??

Yuki: I've got no idea.

Kiara: *Walks to it and see's something*. E-Eeeeeeh?!?!? What is that???

Yuki: What is what?

Angel You mean WHO is that, cant you see its a girl??

Yuki: No..Its a doll *He wants to grab it*

???: Dont touch that!!!

Kiara, Angel and Yuki: E-Eh? *Turns around and see's a little girl with white hair and in braids*

???: Thats mine...*Runs to the doll and hugs it* Mommy..

Kiara: S-Sorry little girl we didnt knew that..Uhm can we have your name maybe?

???: *Stares at them and starts crying still hugging the doll*

The girl staring at them

Yuki: Eh please dont cry!

???: *Cries even more and runs away*

Angel: Good job you two... Well seeya guys later...Not that i want it. *She walks away not caring about the other two*

Kiara: That little girl..I wonder who she is and what happened..

Yuki: *Nods* Yeah i,m kinda curious too we better hurry for next class...*Starts walking*

Kiara: Ah wait!! *Follows him to school*

???: *Sits somewhere in a corner Holding her doll* M-Mommy...W-Where are you?

This is the end of this chapter hope you liked it :3 Stay Tuned ;)