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The last time we saw Angel now the next Chapter we are having it about Kiara.

Hope you like it. ^^


Chapter 2: Meet Kiara.

Kiara: *Wakes up*. Hmm *Stretches her body* Uwaah Good Morning.

Mom: Kiara are you awake???

Kiara: Yes mom i'm awake, *She grabs her uniform and gets dressed* I hope today will be fun. *Goes downstairs and takes breakfast then when she is done she goes too school* I wonder how Miku-Chan is ^^

...: LOOK OUT! *Grabs Kiara too the other side of the street*

Kiara: ..... *Thinks: W-What happend???*

...: Are you ok Girl?

Kiara: Huh? Uh hmm i-i'm fine...

...: Its pretty dangerous here on the street look out the next time ok?

Kiara: *Nods softly still from the shock* A-Ano???

...: Huh? *Turns around looks at the girl and see's the same uniform* Oh so you're from my school too?

Kiara: Uh yes i'm Karia Hotomiko a second y-year s-student.. You?

...: A Cute name I'm Yuki Kaiji a second year student too.

Kiara: T-Thanks *Bows nicely*

Yuki: Its fine its fine wanna go to school together?

Kiara: *Nods and walks after Yuki*

Yuki: There was a girl that crashed in to me do you know her?

Kiara: Huh? No why?

Yuki: Uh oh no nevermind hehe ^^"

*At School*

Kiara: Again Thanks and for bringing me too my Class i see you later maybe

Yuki: Oh yeah seeya maybe later *Walks of too his friends*

Kiara: *Sighs and walks in her class and sits on her table waiting for her friends*

Sakura: Kiara-Chan!!!! Why are you so early here?!

Kiara: Oh Sakura-Chan Kaoru-Chan Morning! ^^ I needed to go fast from my mom then i had almost a accident then some guy named Yuki saved me from school and brought me to the class..

Kaoru: Serious?

Sakura: Y-Yuki??? What is his second name?

Kiara: Uhm let me think Yuki..... Kaiji or something yes it was why?

Sakura: You walked with the cutest boy in the school?

Kaoru: *Eyes going round* There we go again

Kiara: I think so....

Sakura: *Facepalm* You are not wise you didnt even know about him????

Kiara: It looks like...

Sakura: ...

Kaoru: *Sighs* Sakura Class begins we should go now *Walks to her own table*

Sakura: Heh? Wait for me!!

Teacher Math: Ok you guys can make page 45 and page 46 when your done you can do something for your own.

Everyone: Hai.

Kiara: *Looks out the window and then looks back in her book and starts working*

Some class mate: HEY LOOK A WEIRD THING IN THE SKY!!!!

Kiara: *Looks out Window* Huh? What is that?

Serious what is that thing??? Stay Tuned ;)