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Angel Vs Kiara is a story about two kind of girls the one is sweet and another devil.

Even thought they are the opposite of eachother they need eachother to save their hometown.

Even thought they need to work with eachother they fight quite often why we dont know but you will see.

Angel & Kiara together

Chapter 1. Meet Angel

*Alarm goes off*

Angel: *Stops the Alarm* Hmmnn *Sits and looks at the Alarm* Oh no....I will be late!!!

Angel runs downstairs gets ready and runs off too school...

Angel: I really dont wanna be late *Crashes to someone* Ouch!!!

???: *Falls on the ground too* Uwaah!!

Angel: *Stands up andnotices the boy* Huh? HEY CANT YOU SEE I'M WALKING HERE???!!!

???: What i should look out while YOU are running down the street?

Angel: *Looks Scary* Yes Yes you do....*Walks away*

???: Tch *Follows her*

~On School~

Angel: *Thinks:I'm Alone at School they say my name is cute and i hate that because my personality is totally different* Aaah Jeez i hate my live..... Huh? *Notices laughing Boys in the hall*

Boys: Hahahaha really? *Walking past Angel*

Angel: *Notices one of the boys and thinks: He is from then?!?!?!?!* HEY YOU!! *Points at one of the guys*

Boys: ???

One of the boys: H-Hey Yuki-Kun is that someone you know???

Yuki: Huh? No Why? *Looks at her* Oh her she bumped on me while i walked to school.

The same boy: R-Really?

Angel: Tch I still wont say sorry.

FanGirls: How could you say no sorry too Yuki-Sama.

Girl 1: He is the most handsome.

Girl 2: Smartest.

Girl 3: Cutest Guy in the school and YOU are not saying sorry???

Angel: Soo he is the most handsome, smartest and cutest guy in School? Hmpf if i hear it like that i think you forgot Posh and Arrogant... *walks away*

The boys and the FanGirls: *looking at Yuki*

Girl 2: What are you gonna do Yuki-Sama???

Yuki: Let her be....

The Same Boy: Yuki-Kun thats the way i know you

Yuki: Guys lets go we have class *Walks away with the guys*

FanGirls: -Walks away-

BACK too Angel :p

Angel: *Sigh's and looking out window* Its soo boring even thought this is a city with much store's.........

Teacher English: Angel look in your book not out the window *Looks again in her book and starts too read* the king said, I will not give up i will safe my country even if i get killed.

Angel: *Again looking ouside* Huh what is that???

That was it for now the next chapter is about Kiara :3 Stay Tuned ;)