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Against All Odds is a Pokémon Ranger fanfiction written by Pokémon Ranger Alex. After retreating from her Oblivia Mission, Rank 8 Area Ranger Alex Reed returns to the Almia region, determined to deal with the Pokémon Pinchers once and for all.


Alex Reed returns from the Oblivia Region together with Ben, Murph and Rand and his family, having retreated from the region: the Pokémon Pinchers have taken over the Oblivia region. The Rangers are disappointed in themselves, as they were unable to protect the region and even had to return back to base.

Alex is unable to take on certain Missions as she returns, and the Ranger Union and its staff is worried about her. When Alex eventually heads out on her own without any permission, she get suspended from her duties, unable to complete any Missions or Quests.

As she secretly takes on a Mission from one of her old Ranger Base leaders, a dramatic event happens at the Ranger School: several Pokémon are killed by the person Alex fears the most, and also the person who now controls the Oblivia region freely...

As Alex gets promoted to Top Ranger status for completing an extremely difficult Mission, despite having been on duty while she was suspended. Alex immediately heads out to the Oblivia Region to save its people. However, as soon as she arrives, things are more complicated than they seem.

The Pinchers have not only been terrorising the current Oblivia region, but also one in the past, and by doing this, affecting the future. It is Alex's duty, as a Top Ranger as well as the Heroine of Oblivia to free Oblivia from the Pokémon Pinchers.

Will Alex be able to complete her new Mission..?


Chapter One: Return ~ Work In Progress!


Pokémon Ranger Alex: Everyone wants their dreams to come true. Just remember that nightmares are dreams too... 20:05, May 12, 2013 (UTC)