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Alright the last time Endou and Gouenji find out that Daimon has joined Raimon but a old friend from Fire Dragon came back for another greeting.

Endou:Do you mean ?

Yamino:Thats right Afuro Terumi!

Gouenji:What ! *Crushes hand*

Kidou:Not that guy!

Fudou:Yeah he tried to crush us in the FFI !

Kidou:We can't trust a Zeus/Fire Dragon Member on our side!

Matsuno:But he did help us in the Aliea Arc!

Kidou:I don't want him in our team!

Matsuno:Then if you don't want Afuro then we quit!




Daimon:Even though im new i don't get it!

Afuro:Anyways...Coach am I aloud to join Raimon

Hibiki:Yes since some Raimon members left you are able to join!

Afuro:Thank you coach

Endou:*Gets Angry*

To be continued...

Chapter 4 is Running low...post will be on may 19th 2013 until then Peace! {{SUBST:User:Diablomax/Signature}} 16:41, April 27, 2013 (UTC)