WARNING: this story was happened in real life.

This story begins with a girl named Sophia, she was around 10 and she came from school, she had a good day...but when she came in home her eyes widened not of happines or it was 100% pure fear and suprising what she saw she just couldnt believe...Because, her brother Jack was yelling at her favorite dog she loved the most, the yelling at the dog became more and more the dog became to cry, Jack became more angrier and walked to the kitchen meanwhile their mother said to stop being mad...but it didnt work while he was walking to the kitchen, was he still angry and mad at the dog Sophia wa already crying silently, Jack grabbed a knife and walked to the dog...

Their mom had enough of it and yelled; "ENOUGH CANT YOU SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING?!" Jack looked at his mom still angry and yelled back; "ITS ALL YOUR FAULT BUYING THIS DOG!!" he putted the knife away and walked the house of. When Jack left the house Sophia walked to the dog and hugged the dog thight but gently and cried louder...

This is the end of this story.. I wrote this story with other names because I didnt want to use my own and my brothers name, and if I did it with my real name and his, I think I would be crying right now and then I couldnt hug my dog that passed away. I wanted you guys to share this story about me.
Anime Girl 79

when i think about my past i almost start crying..

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